Not pretty, but here's a list of all of my gitlab projects.

Some scripts, settings, utilities to make good use of the MX Ergo in Linux
Scripts to control mpd to maintain a queue of a defined playlist type to create smart playlists. Bash scripts, mpd, mpc, netcat, and gnu-utils.
Control GRQX to scan frequencies or from channels using the GQRX Bookmark or CSV file
Irssi and ZNC log database storage, retrieval, and analysis. Handles Irssi and ZNC logs but is designed to be as generic as possible and can be used for other clients or generic logs.
Script to keep the latest Fedora Respin torrents up to date and available via Transmission.
Radioddity GD-77 related data, scripts, tools
Sample init scripts for starting direwolf with hourly calibration for an SDR
tmux config files to share between my systems
Automated scripts to move spam around folders based on DSpam and Spam Assassin results
Script that uses hamlib to control a radio over CAT and automate mode changes, scanning, band info, tuner info, more. Can be used in Linux, Mac or Windows if you have hamlib.
Filesystem snapshots using rsync and hard links to optimize speed and disk space
OpenNap NG, Open Source Napster server
APRS Schedule generator for Direwolf
Wrapper script to edit a file remotely over sshfs
A simple bash script that wraps around your editor of choice to automate git commits after an edit
Records and correlates nick!user@host information for irssi
Walking Man hack that a bunch of little men walk around on the screen. Amiga source code, plus XPenguins theme
Small color tweaks to cmatrix